100 things that make me happy



  1. My Husband, my rock

  2. Cuddling my teddy bear

  3. Walking into a scented room

  4. Watching thunder storms

  5. Sunny afternoons outside the pub

  6. Laughing with my family

  7. Making crafts; card making, knitting, cross stitch etc..

  8. Holidays in Cornwall

  9. Flowers brightening up a room

  10. Watching fireworks

  11. Baking cakes and sweet treats

  12. Taking photos and putting them on Instagram

  13. Falling asleep on the sofa

  14. Watching a box-set in a day

  15. Writing a new song

  16. Playing guitar and singing

  17. Singing with my husband

  18. Planting flowers or vegetables

  19. The Woodgate language. (Random words me and my husband use)

  20. Painting my nails

  21. Watching a good film

  22. Drinking orange squash

  23. Finding ladybirds

  24. Puppy dog ears

  25. Fresh clean sheets

  26. Mcdonalds

  27. My husbands aftershave

  28. Sweeties!!

  29. A pot of tea with a slice cake

  30. All things retro

  31. Thrifting in charity shops

  32. My husbands cooking

  33. Mario on the DS

  34. Iced cold coke a cola

  35. Beach combing

  36. Feeding the ducks at the croft

  37. Feeding animals at the farm

  38. Dancing like I don’t care

  39. Planning weekly meals

  40. Doodling

  41. Dipping my finger into melted marshmallow on my hot chocolate

  42. Praying

  43. Giving thoughtful gifts

  44. Ice-cream from an ice-cream van

  45. BBQ’s

  46. Scandinavian noir films and TV shows

  47. Picking flowers

  48. Feeling scrubbed clean after a long hot bath

  49. Feeding the birds in the garden

  50. Finishing a knitted project

  51. Sucking the sherbet out of sherbet lemons

  52. Mini slinky springs

  53. Blowing bubbles

  54. Reading a book that I can’t put down

  55. Completing all the puzzles in take a break magazine

  56. Breaking up the loops of cut leeks using my thumb

  57. Up-cycling and ‘mend & make do’

  58. Watching a fish swim

  59. A cold shower on a hot day

  60. Petting a dog

  61. Dipping a sugar cube into a cup of tea

  62. Watching Supernatural

  63. Making lists

  64. Foraging

  65. Frozen cobwebs

  66. The smell of fog and bonfires

  67. Watching snow fall

  68. Walking and exploring nature

  69. Watching England play rugby with my family

  70. Writing poems

  71. Listening to music loudly with earphones

  72. Resting my head on my husbands shoulder in bed

  73. Colouring in

  74. Smashing glass in recycling bin

  75. Interactive foods like; whole prawns, pistachios, babybels

  76. The smell of a fresh cut lawn

  77. Hanging out the washing on a sunny day

  78. Pulling up weeds whole. Very satisfying

  79. Finding mushrooms and fungi

  80. Chocolate cake

  81. The smell of burnt matches

  82. The glug, glug sound, pouring your first glass of wine from the bottle

  83. Dudley’s face, my Mum’s pug

  84. Happy mail like a magazine subscription, graze box, post card or invitation

  85. Malteasers that come in a box

  86. Farm-shop goodies

  87. Street food

  88. Lip salve, my fav is Burt’s Bees at the mo

  89. Anything with ginger in; Gingerbread, ginger biscuits, ginger cake, ginger beer etc.

  90. Writing a story and getting stuck into it.

  91. A curry from Kohinoor. Our favourite place!

  92. Sunrise & sunsets

  93. Chatting with friends about anything and everything

  94. Frosty crunchy leaves and grass

  95. Random facts

  96. How people are passionate in something they love: running, moth catching, fishing etc

  97. A good pub quiz

  98. Identifying new flowers, bugs, mushrooms etc..

  99. Wikipedia learning something new

  100. Listening to BBC Radio 6 music while cleaning the house


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